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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Qatar Airways A321 A7-ADK to Zurich Maintenance.


Qatar Airways A321 A7-ADK positioned Doha – Zurich early this morning as QR3061.

Qatar Airways Announce Doha – Athens – New York JFK for 2013.


Qatar Airways today announced in Greece their intention to serve the Doha – Athens – New York JFK route commencing in the second half of 2013. The route will be operated by B787-8s and is the first of three expected Doha – Europe – USA routes the airline has hinted that it will be announcing.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADE Returns from Shannon Repaint.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADE , which has been at Shannon since 19th November, departed in the early hours of this morning as QR3942 routing Shannon – Doha direct. The aircraft has been repainted into Large Logo/Medium Oryx livery.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADI Operated Delayed QR226.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADI operated yesterday’s delayed QR226 Doha – Bangalore early this morning using callsign QR226D.

B787-8 Loaded for London Heathrow Services.


Qatar Airways today loaded the Boeing 787-8 into GDS systems for the QR75/QR76 Doha – London Heathrow rotation commencing 13th December 2012. This flight is currently operated by a mix of Boeing 777-200LRs and Boeing 777-300ERs and thus represents a significant downgauge, especially in the Business Class cabin which reduces from 42 to 22 seats per flight. The service will be the first regular scheduled B787 operation at London Heathrow.

Qatar Airways A340-600 A7-AGD to Zurich Maintenance.


Qatar Airways A340-600 A7-AGD operated an additional Doha – Zurich service this morning as QR3061 then entered the Lufthansa Technic facility at Zurich for maintenance.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCL Enters Service.


Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCL entered service this morning operating QR132 Doha – Kuwait.

Qatar Airways A340-600 A7-AGC Returns from Zurich Maintenance.


Qatar Airways A340-600 A7-AGC, which has been under maintenance at Zurich since 28th October, positioned Zurich – Doha this evening as QR6062.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHX Enters Service.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHX entered service this morning operating QR152 Doha – Bahrain.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCK First Flight.


Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 A7-BCK made its first flight from Paine Field today as BOE462.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCL Delivered.


Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 A7-BCL departed Victorville on delivery to Doha this afternoon as QR3787. This is the second B787-8 to join the fleet and will allow B787-8 services to to commence on the Doha – Kuwait route as the airline increases crew familiarisation.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHX Delivered.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHX was delivered Toulouse – Doha this afternoon as QR3020. This brings the Qatar Airways A320 fleet up to 31 aircraft.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADJ Operates Sukkur Rotation.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADJ operated a Doha – Sukkur rotation this morning as QR2314/QR3315.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCA Positions to Victorville.


Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 A7-BCA positioned Paine Field – Victorville this morning as QR999 for the in flight entertainment and internet system to be fitted.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHY First Flight.


Qatar Airways Airbus A320 A7-AHY made its first flight today wearing test registration F-WWBJ and positioned Toulouse – Finkenwerder.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHO Operates Riyadh Extra.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHO operated an additional Doha – Riyadh rotation this morning as QR2720/QR2721.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHI Operates Belgrade Inaugural.


Qatar Airways commenced service to Belgrade today as an extension of its Doha – Ankara route. The initial QR462/QR463 Doha – Ankara – Belgrade rotation was operated today by Airbus A320 A7-AHI.

Qatar Airways Dreamliner Services Commence.


Qatar Airways began operations of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner today when Boeing 787-8 A7-BCB entered service operating QF106 Doha – Dubai. The type is expected be restricted to the Doha – Dubai route for several weeks in order for crew to gain as much operational experience as possible as quickly as possible.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADE Positions for Shannon Repaint.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADE positioned Doha – Brussels – Shannon early this morning as QR3941 for repaint into Large Logo/Medium Oryx livery.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADG Returns from Shannon Repaint.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADG, which has been under repaint at Shannon since 8th November, departed in the early hours of this morning as QR3942 routing Shannon – Doha direct. The aircraft now wears Large Logo/Medium Oryx livery.

Qatar Airways Confirmed A350 Order Switch.


Qatar Airways today confirmed it has cancelled its order to twenty of the proposed Airbus A350-800 and switched its order to twenty of the larger A350-900. The airline’s A350 order currently stands at ninety A350-900s and twenty A350-1000s.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCB Delivered.


Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 A7-BCB departed Boeing Field this afternoon on delivery direct to Doha as QR3787. The aircraft will enter service from 20th November on the Doha – Dubai route where it will operate up to four rotations per day in order to maximise crew familiarisation.

System Wide Qatar Airways Flight Number Changes for Winter 2013.


Qatar Airways today announced flight number changes across its network to commence at the start of the Winter 2013 timetable on 27th October 2013. Flight numbers ranges will be allocated geographically as follows:

QR1 – QR299 Europe
QR400 – QR499 Jordan, Iraq, Iran and Yemen
QR500 – QR599 India
QR600 – QR699 South Asia
QR700 – QR799 Americas
QR800 – QR899 East Asia and Oceania
QR1000 – QF1199 Middle East
QR1300 – QR1499 Africa.

Qatar Airways Announce Salalah Service.


Qatar Airways has announced its intention to commence service on the Doha – Salalah, Oman route from 22nd May 2013. The four times weekly A320 service will operate to the following schedule:

QR 176 Doha 2125 – Salalah 0040+1 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays
QR 177 Salalah 0920 – Doha 1030 Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays.