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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Qatar Airways Increase Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur Services.


Commencing 1st September 2012 Qatar Airways will increase services on the Doha – Hong Kong route from 11 to 14 weekly and on the Doha – Kuala Lumpur route from 17 to 21 weekly. All services will continue to be operated with Airbus A330-200 and Airbus A330-300 aircraft.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHT Ankara Extra.


Qatar Airways Airbus A320 A7-AHT positioned Doha – Ankara Esenboga this morning in order to operate an extra Ankara Esenboga – Doha passenger flight as QR2463.

Khartoum Flight Cancellations.


The QR522/QR523 and QR524/QR525 Doha -Khartoum rotations were both cancelled today owing to sandstorms which closed Khartoum airport.

A320 A7-AHU Enters Service.


Qatar Airways Airbus A320 A7-AHU entered service today operating the QR37/QR38 Doha – Milan Malpensa rotation.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHU Delivered.


Qatar Airways Airbus A320 A7-AHU was delivered Toulouse – Dubai today as QR3016. This brings the active Airbus A320 fleet up to 29 aircraft.

Qatar Airways Airbus A320 A7-AHT Operates Inaugural Erbil Service.


Qatar Airways Airbus A320 A7-AHT operated today’s inaugural QR446/QR447 Doha – Erbil service.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHC Istanbul Extra.


Qatar Airways Airbus A320 A7-AHC operated an extra Doha – Istanbul rotation today as QR2480/QR3481.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHE Athens Extra.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHE operated an extra Doha – Athens rotation this morning as QR2071/QR2072.

Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AEG Barcelona Delay.


Qatar Airways Airbus A330-300 arrived into Barcelona yesterday as QR65 from Doha however the return QR66, due to depart yesterday, was delayed until the early hours of this morning when it operated as QR3066. It is unclear whether the delay was technical or crew related.

B777-200LR A7-BBH Returns from Manila.


Following yesterday’s technical issue encountered at Manila Boeing 777-2DZLR A7-BBH returned to Doha today as QR647D.

A330-300 A7-AEB Zurich Extra en route to Maintenance.


Qatar Airways Airbus A330-300 A7-AEB operated an extra Doha – Zurich service this morning as QR3061. The aircraft then entered the Lufthansa Technic facility for maintenance.

B777-200LR A7-BBH Manila Technical Issue.


Boeing 777-2DZLR A7-BBH arrived into Manila as QR646 from Doha today however the return QF647 has been cancelled indicating a technical issue with the aircraft.

Airbus A330-200 A7-ACJ Returns from Zurich Maintenance.


Airbus A330-200 A7-ACJ, which has been under maintenance at Lufthansa Technic in  Zurich since 27th April, returned today positioning Zurich РDoha as QR6062.

A320 A7-ADA Doha Test Flight.


Airbus A320 A7-ADA operated a Doha – Doha flight as QR999 flying several circuits around the airfield.

A320 A7-AHO Abu Dhabi Extra.


Airbus A320 A7-AHO operated a Doha – Abu Dhabi rotation this morning as QR3128/QR3129.

A320 A7-AHA Operates Cairo Extra.


Qatar Airways Airbus A320 A7-AHA operated an extra Doha – Cairo rotation today as QR2071/QR2072.

A330-200 A7-ACD QR86 Copenhagen Return.


Qatar Airways Airbus A330-200 A7-ACD operating QR86 Copenhagen – Doha levelled off at 5,000ft after take off from Copenhagen when crew received a Door Open indication. The flight returned to Copenhagen however the same aircraft was able to operate the flight after two hours on the ground.

A330-200 A7-ACC Returns from Munich.


Following yesterday’s technical issue Airbus A330-200 A7-ACC operated yesterday’s delayed QR4 Munich – Doha this afternoon as QR4D.

A330-200 A7-ACC Munich Technical Issue.


Qatar Airways Airbus A330-200 A7-ACC arrived into Munich as QR3 from Doha today however the return QR4 has been delayed overnight indicating a technical issue with the aircraft.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHT Operates First Zagreb Service.


The QR947/QR948 Doha – Budapest service was extended today to operate Doha – Budapest – Zagreb. Airbus A320 A7-AHT operated the first extended service.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHH Returns from Alexandria.


Following yesterday’s technical issue Qatar Airways Airbus A320 A7-AHH positioned Alexandria – Doha late this evening as QR3513.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADU Alexandria Rescue Mission.


Following the technical issue encountered by sister A7-AHH Qatar Airways Airbus A320 A7-ADU positioned Doha – Alexandria late last night as QR3512 and then operated yesterday’s delayed QR513 Alexandria – Doha this morning as QR513D.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHH Alexandria Technical Issue.


Qatar Airways Airbus A320 A7-AHH operated QR512 Doha – Alexandria today however the return QR513 has been delayed overnight indicating a technical issue with the aircraft.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADF Doha Test Flight.


Qatar Airways Airbus A320 A7-ADF operated a Doha – Doha circuit this afternoon as QR999.