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Monthly Archives: March 2012

A7-ADH Doha Test Flight.


Airbus A320 A7-ADH operated a brief Doha – Doha circuit this afternoon as DJ999.

A7-AEH Returns from Tunis.


Airbus A330-300 A7-AEH, which encountered a technical issue at Tunis on 27th March returned to traffic today operating Tunis – Doha as QR3553.

A7-AEH QR353 Tunis Technical Issue.


Airbus A330-300 A7-AEH operating QR553 Casablanca – Tunis – Doha completed the Casablance – Tunis sector today however a technical issue has caused the Tunis – Doha sector to be delayed indefinitely.

A7-AHI Operates Inaugural QR538 Kigali Flight.


Doha – Entebbe flights have been extended to fly Doha – Entebbe – Kigali from today. The inaugural QR538/QR539 rotation on the new routing was operated by Airbus A320 A7-AHI today.

Flight Cancellation.


The QR27/QR28 Doha – Frankfurt rotation did not operate today.

A7-AFM Operates Inaugural QR61/QR62 Doha – Zurich – Stuttgart Service.


Airbus A330-200 A7-AFM operated today’s inaugural QR61/QR62 rotation on the new Doha – Zurich – Stuttgart routing.

A7-BAK Operates Inaugural QR75 Heathrow Service.


Boeing 777-3DZER A7-BAK operated today’s inaugural QR75/QR76 Doha – London Heathrow rotation. This is the fifth daily rotation on the route.

A7-AEH Operates final Cebu Service.


Airbus A330-300 A7-AEH operated today’s final QR656/QR657 Doha – Cebu rotation.

Flight Cancellation.


The QR154/QR155 Doha – Bahrain rotation did not operate today.

A7-BAS Enters Service.


Boeing 777-3DZER A7-BAS entered service today operating QR646 Doha – Manila. This is  the second Boeing 777-300ER in 24J/356Y configuration for services from Doha to Bangkok, Manila, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

A7-ACG Positions to Zurich Maintenance.


Airbus A330-202 A7-ACG positioned Doha – Zurich early this morning as QR6061 where it will undergo maintenance at Lufthansa Technik.

Flight Cancellation.


The QR154/QR155 Doha – Bahrain did not operate today.

Iraq Expansion.


Qatar Airways today announced Airbus A320 services to two cities in Iraq. Doha – Erbil services commence on 23rd May 2012 with the following schedule:

QR446 Doha 0915 – Erbil 1150 Tue, Wed

QR447 Erbil 1250 – Doha 1510 Tue, Wed.
QR444 Doha 1320 – Erbil 1555 Fri, Sun.

QR445 Erbil 1655 – Doha 1915 Fri, Sun.

Doha – Baghdad services commence on 7th June 2012 with the following schedule.

QR440 Doha 0905 – Baghdad 1120 Sat, Sun

QR441 Baghdad 1220 – Doha 1420 Sat, Sun.
QR442 Doha 1340 – Baghdad 1555 Mon, Thur

QR443 Baghdad 1655 – Doha 1855 Mon, Thur.

A7-BAS Delivered.


Boeing 777-DZER A7-BAS departed Paine Field on delivery to Doha as QR3052 today.

Flight Cancellation.


The QR556/QR557 Doha – Benghazi rotation did not operate today.

Qatar Airways Unveils 787 Configuration and Routes.


Qatar Airways unveiled its Boeing 787 Cabin configuration today and announced that after crew familiarisation flights in the Gulf region the aircraft will initially operate Internationally on the Doha – London Heathrow route.

Configuration is 22J/232Y. The Business Class cabin has reverse herringbone seats in 1-2-1 configuration with an 80” flat bed.

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Business Class

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Business Class

Economy is not so impressive however with a nine abreast 3-3-3 configuration compared to the eight abreast 2-4-2 configuration specified by launch customer ANA.

It will be interesting to see whether the SkyTrax airline ratings website maintains Qatar Airway’s 5 Star status given that it refuses to award 5 Star status to any airline that operates the Boeing 777 with ten abreast Economy seating. The Qatar Airways 787 Economy Seat will be narrower than seats on ten abreast B777s.

A7-BAS First Flight.


Boeing 777-3DZER A7-BAS made its first flight from Boeing Field today as BOE887.

A7-BAF Washington Technical Issue.


Boeing 777-3DZER A7-BAF arrived into Washington today as QR51 from Doha however the return has been delayed until tomorrow when it will operate as QR52D.

Bahrain Flight Cancellation.


The QR154/QR155 Doha – Bahrain rotation was cancelled today.

A7-AFL Returns from Oslo.


Airbus A330-200 A7-AFL positioned Oslo – Doha this morning as QR6061 following its technical issue yesterday.

A7-AEG Returns from Zurich Maintenance.


Following a successful test flight Airbus A330-300 A7-AEG departed Lufthansa Technic at Zurich this evening positioning to Doha as QR6062.

A7-AFL Oslo Technical Issue.


Airbus A330-200 A7-AFL arrived into Oslo as QR953 from Doha this evening however the return QR954 has been cancelled indicating a technical issue with the aircraft.

A7-AEG Zurich Test Flight.


Airbus A330-300 A7-AEG, which has been under maintenance with Lufthansa Technic at Zurich since 13 February, undertook a Zurich – Zurich test flight today as QR999.