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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Bahrain Flight Cancellation.


The QR163/QR164 Doha – Bahrain rotation was cancelled today.

A7-BAL Operates Abu Dhabi Extras.


Boeing 777-3GZER A7-BAL operated an extra Doha – Abu Dhabi rotation this morning as QR3030/QR3131.

Cebu Service Ceases.


The thrice weekly QR656/QR657 Doha – Cebu Airbus A330-200 service is to cease with the start of the Summer timetable on March 26.

Perth gets 777-200LR from Service Commencement.


The QR900/QR901 Doha – Perth service scheduled to commence on 3 July will now be operated by Boeing 777-200LR aircraft immediately rather than launching with Airbus A330-200s and upgauging later.

A320 A7-AHS First Flight.


Airbus A320 A7-AHS made its first flight from Toulouse today wearing registration F-WWDX.

Bahrain Flight Cancellation.


The QR158/QR159 Doha – Bahrain did not operate today.

Heathrow Lounge Opens.


Qatar Airways opened a dedicated lounge for First & Business Class customers at London Heathrow today. This is the first dedicated lounge outside Qatar.

A320 A7-AHR Enters Service.


Airbus A320 A7-AHR entered service today as QR55 Doha – Berlin Tegel.

Flight Cancellations.


The QR158/QR159 Doha – Bahrain rotation did not operate today.

Stuttgart Loses Direct Service.


From 25 March 2012 the QR937/QR938 Doha – Stuttgart direct A319LR service will be cancelled and a new three times weekly A330-200 service will operate via Zurich. Timings for the service are as follows:

QR61 Doha 0105 – 0630 Zurich 0740 – Stuttgart 0825. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

QR62 Stuttgart 0940 – 1020 Zurich 1130 – Doha 1825. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

As a result the regular QR63/QR64 Doha – Zurich service will not operate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

A320 A7-AHR Delivered.


Airbus A320 A7-AHR was delivered Toulouse – Doha today as QR3016.

Flight Cancellations


The following rotations did not operate today:

QR158/QR159 Doha – Tehran

QR516/QR517 Doha – Luxor

QR522/QR523 Doha – Khartoum.

A7-ADU Returns from Lucknow.


Airbus A320 A7-ADU, which diverted to Lucknow on 13 January whilst operating QR357 Kathmandu – Doha, was able to position Lucknow – Doha today as QR3355.

A7-AEF Departs for Zurich Maintenance.


Airbus A330-300 A7-AEF positioned Doha – Zurich today as QR6061 where it will undergo maintenance at Lufthansa Technik.

Bahrain Flight Cancellation.


The QR154/QR155 Doha – Bahrain rotation did not operate today.

Zagreb to Join Qatar Airways Network.


Qatar Airways today announced that commencing 9 May 2012 the QF937/QR983 Doha – Budapest service will be extended to Zagreb. The new schedule is as follows:

QF947 0710 – 1215 Budapest 1315 – 1410 Zagreb

QF948 1510 – 1605 Budapest 1705 – 2320 Doha.

Qatar Airways has no traffic rights on the Budapest – Zagreb sector.

Flights remain operated by A320 equipment.

A7-ADU QR357 Lucknow Diversion.


Airbus A320 A7-ADU operating QR357 Kathmadu – Doha diverted to Lucknow today after crew were forced to shut down an engine.

Gulf Flight Cancellations.


The QR116/QR117 Doha – Dubai and QR158/QR159 Doha – Bahrain rotations did not operate today.

Istanbul Flight Cancellation.


The QR482/QR483 Doha – Istanbul rotation was cancelled today.

More Seats For Montreal.


Commencing 26 March 2012 the QR927/QR928 Doha – Montreal service will be upgraded from Boeing 777-200LR to Boeing 777-300ER operation.

A7-BBI Back in Traffic.


Boeing 777-3DZER A7-BBI departed Denpasar today with yesterday’s QR639 to Singapore and Doha operating as QR639D. However the QR640/QR641 Doha – Singapore rotation has been cancelled today. presumably due to the non availability of this aircraft at Doha this morning.

Ishfahan Services Does Not Materialise.


The announced new Doha – Isfahan QR448/QR449 rotation scheduled to commence today did not occur.

A7-BBI Denpasar Technical Issue.


Boeing 777-3DZER A7-BBI arrived into Denpasar today as QR638 from Doha and Singapore but the return QR639 has been heavily delayed indicating a technical issue.

Manchester Service Reduction.


GDS changes today reveal that from March 26 the QR41/QR42 Doha – Manchester rotation will reduce from daily service to three times per week service operating on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday only.