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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Qatar Airways Announce Benghazi Service.


Qatar Airways today announced a four times weekly Airbus A320 Doha – Benghazi service to commence as soon as 1 November. Timings are:

QR556 Doha 0930 Benghazi 1400 Tue/Wed/Fri/Sun

QR557 Benghazi 1510 Doha 2010 Tue/Wed/Fri/Sun

A7-ACF QR18 Slovakian Fighter Intercept.


Airbus A330-200 A7-ACF operating QR18 London Heathrow – Doha entered Slovakian airspace at 39,000 feet when crew were unable to establish radio contact with Slovakian Air Traffic Control. Two Mig-29 fighters were sent to intercept and identify the A330. Radio contact was then established and the flight continued on to Doha.

Far East Service Revisions.


From 30 October 2011 Doha – Singapore will increase from 13 to 14 weekly services.

From 1 December 2011 Doha – Bangkok – Hanoi will move to all Boeing 777-300ER operation.

From 2 December 2011 direct Doha – Ho Chi Minh City services will cease. Three times weekly Boeing 777-300ER Doha – Bangkok – Ho Chi Minh City services will continue.

From 25 March 2011 Doha РKuala Lumpur РPhuket will move to all 777 operation with a mix of 200LR and 300ERs. The QR620/QR621 Doha РKuala Lumpur service also switches to Boeing 777-300ER operation but reduces from daily to six times weekly service.  

A320 A7-AHP Enters Service.


Airbus A320-232 A7-AHP entered service today as QR53 Doha – Berlin.

A7-AGB Departs for Dublin Repaint.


Airbus A340-642 A7-AGB positioned Doha – Dublin today for repaint at Eirtech Aviation.

A7-AGA Returns From Dublin Repaint.


Airbus A340-642 A7-AGA positioned Dublin – Doha today following repaint at Eirtech Aviation into large logo/medium oryx colours.

A320 A7-AHP Delivered.


Airbus A320 A7-AHP arrived at Doha today on delivery direct from Toulouse as QR3019.

Helsinki Plus Three More Destinations To Be Announced Before Christmas.


Speaking in Oslo today Qatar Airways CEO Akbar al Baker announced that the airline would announce four new destinations before Christmas and that Helsinki will be one of them.

A7-BBI Enters Service.


Boeing 777-2DZLR A7-BBI entered service today operating QR640 Doha – Singapore.