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Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHG Lucknow and Muscat Diversions.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHG operating QR646 Doha – Kathmandu diverted to Lucknow this afternoon due to weather at Kathmandu. The aircraft later continued Lucknow – Kathmandu as QR646D. The return QR647 Kathmandu – Doha then diverted via Muscat, seemingly due to crew not having sufficient hours to reach Doha.

Qatar Airways B777-300ER A7-BEE Enters Service.


Qatar Airways Boeing 777-3DZER A7-BEE entered service this morning operating QR11 Doha – London Heathrow. The aircraft is showing on GDS systems as being in a new 42J/316Y configuration. This increase of 23 Economy Seats over the usual 42J/293Y configuration may indicate that the aircraft is configured 3-4-3 in Economy. We are awaiting confirmation of this.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHF Operates Multan Inaugural.


Qatar Airways commenced service on the Doha – Multan route today with A320 A7-AHF operating the inaugural QR618/QR619 rotation.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCM QR963 Singapore Diversion.


Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 A7-BCM operating QR963 Denpasar – Doha diverted to Singapore this afternoon. The aircraft continued Singapore – Doha shortly thereafter as QR963D. The diversion appears to have been medical.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADG Returns from Doha Maintenance.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADG, which has been under maintenance at Doha since 2nd July, returned to service this afternoon operating QR420 Doha – Beirut.

Qatar Airways A330-200 A7-AFP Positions to Dublin Maintenance.


Qatar Airways A330-200 A7-AFP positioned Doha – Dublin for maintenance in the early hours of this morning as QR3251.

Qatar Airways B777-300ER A7-BEE Delivered.


Qatar Airways Boeing 777-3DZER A7-BEE was delivered Paine Field – Doha this evening as QR3373. This brings the Boeing 777-300ER fleet up to 29 aircraft.

Qatar Airways A350-900 A7-ALC Returns from Singapore.


Following the technical issue it encountered on 29th July, Qatar Airways A350-900 A7-ALC positioned Singapore – Doha this morning as QR3266.

Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AEA Returns from Doha Maintenance.


Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AEA, which has been under maintenance at Doha since 4th July, returned to service this afternoon operating QR5 Doha – London Heathrow. The aircraft has been reconfigured to 30J/265Y with flat bed seats in Business Class.

Qatar Airways A350-900 A7-ALC Singapore Technical Issue.


Qatar Airways A350-900 A7-ALC operated QR944 Doha – Singapore this morning, however the return QR945 was cancelled due to a technical issue with the aircraft.

Qatar Airways A340-600 A7-AGC Positions to Zurich Maintenance.


Qatar Airways A340-600 A7-AGC positioned Doha – Zurich for maintenance in the early hours of this morning as QR3251.

Qatar Airways A340-600 A7-AGB Returns from Zurich Maintenance.


Qatar Airways A340-600 A7-AGB, which has been under maintenance at Zurich since 26th June, positioned Zurich – Doha this evening as QR3252. The aircraft has been reconfigured to 24J/348Y.

Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AEC Enters Doha Maintenance.


Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AEC entered the Doha maintenance facility this afternoon after arriving as QR647 from Kathmandu.

Qatar Airways B777-300ER A7-BAI Positions for London Stansted Charter.


Qatar Airways Boeing 777-3DZER A7-BAI positioned Doha – London Stansted this afternoon as QR7461 in order to operate a London Stansted – Doha charter as QR3452.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADB Returns from Jeddah.


Following its technical diversion on 22nd July, Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADB positioned Jeddah – Doha in the early hours of this morning as QR3272.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHR Operates Jeddah Charter.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-AHR operated a Doha – Jeddah charter rotation this evening as QR3461/QR3462.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCL Continues from Singapore.


Following its diversion yesterday, Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCL departed Singapore late this morning continuing yesterday’s diverted QR962 Doha – Denpasar routing Singapore – Denpasar as QR962D. The aircraft then operated yesterday’s delayed QR963 Denpasar – Doha as QR963D.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCC Denpasar Delay.


Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 A7-BCC arrived into Denpasar as QR960 from Doha late last night, however its scheduled return to Doha was delayed 11 hours and operated late this morning as QR961D.

Qatar Airways A330-200 A7-ACM Returns from Doha Maintenance.


Qatar Airways A330-200 A7-ACM, which has been under maintenance at Doha since 4th July, returned to service this evening operating QR514 Doha – Kochi.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCL QR962 Singapore Ash Diversion.


Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 A7-BCL operating QR962 Doha – Denpasar diverted to Singapore this afternoon due to volcanic ash activity around Denpasar.

Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADB QR1332 Jeddah Technical Diversion.


Qatar Airways A320 A7-ADB operating QR1332 Khartoum – Doha diverted to Jeddah this morning due to a technical issue.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCR Returns from Munich.


Following the multiple birdstrikes it encountered on 19th July, Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 A7-BCR positioned Munich – Doha this afternoon as QR3252.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCR Munich Bird Strikes.


Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 A7-BCR operating QR59 Doha – Munich encountered multiple bird strikes on approach to Munich causing the cancellation of the return QR60.

Qatar Airways A319 A7-CJA Positions for Erbil – London Stansted Charter.


Qatar Airways A319LR A7-CJA positioned Doha – Erbil this morning as QR3461 in order to operate an Erbil – London Stansted charter as QR7461. The aircraft then positioned London Stansted – Doha as QR3462.